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How it all began- Idea of creating Shahani

ShahaniFood has started to provide food and enhance the quality of the customers’ tastes. This was made possible by developing the taste and importing high quality and dream taste food.
Shahani started with importing Medjool dates; the reason for choosing this material is its abundant properties, unique flavor,more beautiful and different appearance (much larger than typical dates), and also considering the taste of Iranian food.

Shahani Food, Epicures Paradise

Shahani Food is an epicure’s paradise, an online store for those who love special food and great ingredients. We offer you the ultimate selection of international specially foods such as dates, honey, teas, fresh truffles, and many other gastronomic delights. Discover recipes, tips and everything you need to know about Shahani food all in one place:
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دباره شاهانی

Why Shahani?

Shahani (شاهانی) is a type of Iranian dates.